Finite Element Analysis is an incredibly useful engineering tool capable of detecting design flaws in existing and potential parts and assemblies. FEA can be used to varying degrees to achieve several different end results and implemented at several stages of the design process to add value to your product.

Initial/Concept Design

You don’t always need to determine the actual stresses in a part to be able to use FEA to your advantage. Quick checks can be performed to highlight stress concentrations which allow designers to focus on strengthening the areas of stress concentration. If you have several proposed designs that you need to compare against one another then it is possible to perform FEA on each part under the same test procedure to test their comparable performance without a need for incredibly accurate stress values.

Part Optimisation

If you already have a strong product or design but would like to develop it further to enhance its performance or reduce costs FEA is a very viable option. You can evaluate the possibility of using cheaper supplier’s materials by checking if the new materials will impact on the parts or assemblies structural integrity. You can study areas where perhaps the part is too strong and material could be removed to save weight, or where high production volumes exit like in the plastics industry the use of less material which can save significant sums of money on materials purchasing.


In some instances you may be required to prove that your design meets certain criteria perhaps dictated by the need to meet certain standards, stringent customer requirements, or a study to a part that has already broken requires a failure analysis and report. In these cases an in depth analysis is required that can determine the actual stresses and load paths within parts or assemblies to within a specified tolerance.

FEA provides a real opportunity to save you money in the long run due to eliminating potential issues and adding value to your product. The cost of implementing design changes pre-production is vastly cheaper than having to deal with issues and part or assembly changes during the manufacturing stage and we can tailor an FEA service for you that meets your specific requirements