Manufacturing Process Efficiency

At PACE Innovations we are continually developing our own manufacturing techniques using custom and leading fabrication equipment. We are continually trying new jigging techniques and focus heavily on designing our parts to be assembled in the most efficient fashion. Due to our continued development of these techniques and the high quality of our finished components, we have established ourselves as a leader of advanced race car design and manufacturing. This is proven by being chosen as the control chassis manufacturer for the NZ V8SuperTourer, a series which has based itself around being a cost effective way of going racing without compromising on performance.

We are currently involved with many of the leading Supercars Australia Championship team’s chassis and crash parts build project, which is increasing with our work on the new Car Of The Future prototype and production version chassis development. When the field assembles for the first time in 2013 we will have had an involvement in over half the fields chassis build in some form. Supercars Australia teams demand very high quality products but also work within strict budgets and we have managed to excel and provide not only a high end product, but also at a price that works for our customers. We do this by investing in our manufacturing procedures and refusing to lessen the quality of our components to keep costs down, but by creating different manufacturing techniques to create the same if not better product.

We can help you to improve your own manufacturing process in several ways. We can take existing designs and make them more production friendly without compromising on the finished products quality using our own fabricated design techniques. If you have a specific product that you are unable to make efficiently in house, we can take over the production of these components for you entirely at competitive prices, or we can help you develop your manufacturing techniques. This can be done by implementing effective jigging and tools that can take hours off manufacturing time. All our customers who have ever purchased our jigging designs have always been very happy with the result and we are happy to provide references, if you need a fabricated component made cheaper we can help.