Design + Consultation


Creating innovative and elegant design solutions that can be manufactured efficiently is at the core of Pace Innovations business and what we do best. Our design staff team of qualified engineers work closely with our highly skilled workshop staff and external manufacturers to ensure that our designs not only exceed their performance requirements, but also use the latest in efficient manufacturing technology.

Our main design capabilities are:

  • Chassis and advanced welded structure design
  • Suspension geometry design and analysis
  • Advanced mechanism modelling and evaluation
  • Design optimisation and evaluation (FEA)
  • Manufacturing drawings and documentation

We can handle CAD from various operating systems or start from scratch using our own SolidWorks CAD package, and our custom in-house built CAD computers are more than  capable of handling the most complex of parts and the largest of assemblies. With these resources our design capabilities are wide ranging, from complete race car chassis design right through to mechanised building louvre systems and car wash sprayers we can work with our clients to ensure their requirements are met.


Pace Innovations maintains a staff of wide and varied skill sets, allowing us to consult in many areas of technical and engineering expertise.

PACE Innovations has ongoing involvement in:

  • Highway Automotive
  • Civil Aerospace
  • Defence Contracting
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing/Tooling

Our facilities and resources allow us to provide unique, cost effective solutions to almost any problem. Contact us to see what we can do for you.