V8 SUPERTOURER – Prototype

Back in October 2010 V8 SuperTourers approached us with a concept for a new V8 super tourer category for NZ motor racing. The existing V8 series in New Zealand used modified road car chassis and parts and had a lot of out dated technology, they were becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and parity between the different cars hard to achieve. The SuperTourer concept was to develop a control platform with identical running gear, suspension and chassis with the ability to use different manufacturer’s bodies on the outside. This means that every competitor has equal performance regardless of the body chosen, and by having control parts the category has great purchasing power reducing the costs of components for competitors. We were given a wide scope as to what we could do with the prototype with the main request being an independent front end with a 3 link live axle rear end. We started designing the prototype in late 2012 and we were responsible for designing the chassis, suspension linkages, uprights, and diff housing using information from SuperTourers about what tyre, wheel and brake package they wanted to use. By early April 2011 we had finished the design and build of these components and we fitted all the parts available to the chassis and sent it to NZ to be shown to all the prospective owners and drivers, and complete testing on the proposed components to test their performance and durability. The prototype was met with much enthusiasm and quickly had all the leading NZ drivers signed on to buy cars to compete in the 2012 inaugural championship.


V8 SUPERTOURER – Production Model Manufacture

We received an initial order of 10 chassis by end of May and the first chassis rolled out the door on the 11/7/2011 ready to be shipped to NZ. By late October the order grew to 16 chassis with all chassis to be shipped prior to Christmas 2011. The production model had several areas of the chassis changed from the prototype design. The floor pan was changed from a modified road car one to a custom sheet metal design and the modified factory front firewall was changed to a custom sheet metal design also. This was all in aid of creating a common platform chassis that did not require parts from different car manufacturers. A new tyre, brake, and wheel package had been sourced for the production model since the prototype build was completed. This required a new upright design to maintain the desired suspension geometry so we designed a custom upright specifically for the V8 SuperTourer that can be run on both sides of the car. This upright has been manufactured by V8 SuperTourers in NZ and has worked extremely well to date.