With the rapid expansion of SxS (Side-by-Side) Racing in Australia, PACE Innovations was sought out to design a Motorsport grade cage for a Polaris RZR 1000, improving on deemed criticisms of existing market offerings.

PACE would seek to develop the following items for the vehicle:

  • A new CAMS compliant 25CrMo4 Cage
  • Fixed Door Panels
  • CAMS compliant seat and seatbelt mountings
  • Adjustable front and rear anti roll bars.

With the vehicle in the workshop PACE Laser Scanned and CMM Probed the existing design and geometry. This would allow verification of the new design with respect to fit and clearance, but also allow geometric analysis of the suspension for modification.

The team of design engineers listened to the customers requirements and developed a concept in our CAD software for review. With the prototype design approved by the customer, the cage was ordered to be laser cut by Bodytec in Germany from metric 25CrMo4 steel.

Meanwhile, working with our contacts in CAMS we had the initial design reviewed and completed a FEA study on the cage for the certification and approval. Typically a FEA study in not required if built to the CAMS Schedule J, however using lighter alloyed steel requires a FEA certification which also allows deviation from the specific requirements of Schedule J. The result: A lighter, better designed cage that can incorporate features typically not available in Schedule J, with the added safety benefit of complying with the FIA standard for roll cages.

The components were delivered to PACE and due to the CAD design, were rapidly assembled in our factory. Minimum deviation from the prescribed design was required. The final assembly was delivered to the customer.

The PACE Polaris RZR Cage and suspension components are available for purchase from PACE. The cage comes complete with safety certification from CAMS for approved SxS events. Contact Us for more information.