Design + Consultation

Creating innovative and elegant design solutions that can be manufactured efficiently is at the core of PACE Innovations business and is what we do best. Our design team of qualified engineers work closely with our highly skilled workshop staff and external manufacturers to ensure that our designs exceed our customers’ requirements. Throughout this process, it is also assured that our concepts are achievable and remain efficient. Our staff with various expertise also allows for us to consult in many areas of technical and engineering expertise.

Our main design capabilities are:

We can handle 3D files from various software, or start from scratch using our preferred CAD packages. Our custom built workstations are capable of handling complex of parts and the large assemblies. With these resources, our design capabilities are wide ranging, from complete race car chassis design right through to part processing for manufacturing on and off site. No matter the job, we can work with our clients to ensure their visions and ideas can be transferred into a virtual model, and then into a real-life product .