Advanced Manufacturing

PACE Innovations has a team of dedicated fabricators whom work side-by-side with our mechanical engineers to provide services and products for a variety of industries. With the instilled belief that manufacturability, functionality and efficiency are paramount during the design process, we can manufacture products with minimised manual handing, which both reduces delivery timeframes and improves the quality of the final product. Our knowledge and experience in computerised manufacturing, accompanied with our in-house and suppliers’ capabilities allows us to produce bespoke componentry.

Services we managed on behalf of the customer are:

Not only can we produce cutting edge parts, but our team’s experience in the production ready-to-race performance vehicles means PACE Innovations can deliver detailed mechanical assemblies to our customers. During the design process, our engineering team utilise computer-aided design (CAD) software to compile part files and create assemblies prior to construction. This allows our engineers to test the functionality prior to construction and assure that all the required components and processes are accounted for prior to production. By doing so, the efficiency of the assembly process is maximised, and the instructions for assembly can be properly documented and communicated to the workshop staff.