Chevrolet Camaro SS – Hot Wheels Drift Car

About the Project

It was in 2015 when the famous stunt man, Matt Mingay from Stuntz Inc, tasked PACE Innovations with the job of designing and manufacturing a drift car to add to his already impressive fleet of stunt vehicles. Having already sourced a Chevrolet Camaro SS chassis and a 850 Hp NASCAR engine, Mingay left it up to the engineers, mechanics and fabricators at PACE Innovations to use their renowned skills and manufacture a drift car which would be a level above the rest. As the concept of a vehicle purposely sliding, wheel spinning and tire degrading was a complete contrary to the familiarities of optimising mechanical grip, cornering speeds and longevity, it was known that the design of Mingay’s drifter was going to be very different to any other car which had previously roared out our factory floor. This set the focus of the build to achieving the best stability, responsiveness and controllability whilst drifting by opitmising the kinematics within the parameters of the defined chassis.

“It’s scary… It has been engineered beyond my expectations that’s for sure!”

– Matt Mingay

With around 70 degrees  of steering angle and a fitted Albins transaxle sequential gearbox, the vehicle was instantly put in a field of its own. The achievement of the design goals was evident from its shakedown, when Mingay could be seen drifting from track edge to track edge whilst seamlessly grabbing more gears mid-drift. The unique performance of this beast is still regularly demonstrated as Stuntz Inc. tour around Australia and provide track entertainment at various events including selected Supercar rounds.