New Zealand V8SuperTourers

About the Production

In late 2010, PACE Innovations met with a newly formed company, V8SUPERTOURERS LTD. Founded by team owners, Mark Petch, Wayne Anderson and Garry Pedersen, their goal was to revolutionise the current NZV8 Championship at the time by establishing a new and improved generation of V8 touring car in New Zealand. The task was set to design a touring car which resembled the Australian V8 Supercar philosophy at the time but could be purchased by a customer at around half the cost. The single-make chassis, similar to the Supercar Car of the Future, was designed to accommodate various 4-door sedan body, such as the Holden VE Commedore, Ford FG Falcon, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sontana and BMW M5. On the 18th of February 2012, the first New Zealand V8Supertourer round took place at Hampton Downs, with 16 cars competing, all of which were manufactured at PACE Innovations in Queensland, Australia. From there, the championship saw years of thrilling races in both short and long-distance formats, and attracted world class drivers such as Scott Mclaughlin, Shane Van Gisbergen, Chaz Mostert, Christian Klein, Mitch Evans and other accomplished racers from all over the world. There are many of the original V8Supertourer cars still competing across New Zealand in the BNT V8s Championship and various other events.

“It was the most enjoyable race car I had ever driven!”

– Hugh Gardiner via Scoop NZ