We have been supplying the motorsport industry with varied welded products since we began and welding is a vital part of our business. The weld quality, accuracy and consistency expected by race teams are of a very high standard and we pride ourselves on being able to produce components which meet and exceed our customers expectations.

We use a combination of MIG and TIG welding on all of our race car chassis we make from a wide range of high strength steels. We make numerous other TIG welded motorsport and industry products out of both aluminium alloys and stainless steel that keep our fabricators on their feet and capable of welding anything our design team throw at them.

We have top of the line welding equipment from Miller, and our highly skilled fabrication team are capable of tackling the majority of welding projects.

If you have an exotic material or welding technique required,  we will be able to help you. Whilst it may not be a commonly performed task we have experience and capabilities in other forms of welding that we may be able to assist you with.