Product Development

PACE Innovations is heavily involved in the motor racing industry. The never-ending search for performance through design and engineering is paramount to our foundation. To be competitive in motorsport, you must have a strong focus towards accuracy and be able to work in small margins of error whilst pushing to find the limit. This philosophy is one we apply to our day-to-day operations in order to assure we provide our customers with an advantage over competitors. Our typical product development process can be separated into four key phases: to 

Product Development Scope

Firstly, our customer’s needs are identified. The customer will be invited to a meeting with our engineers, and the requirements of the proposed task are communicated. Whether it be a vision for a completely new concept, or the shortcomings of a previous product, a unique performance criterion for their demand is defined, and achievability is discussed. We believe in a no-nonsense approach to our work so that the customer knows what to expect form the get go,

Concept Development

Here we conceptualise numerous ideas, developments and alternatives as we develop a solution which will exceed the defined performance targets. The concepts that can be considered feasible solutions are taken from pen and paper to being modelled using our selection of professional computer software. After primary analysis, the most viable solution is then selected for more detailed evaluation based on a key performance indicator testing procedure.

Testing and Validation

The final concept is then developed to a point where it can be adequately tested. It is essential that a prototype is tested prior to production and its performance is assessed against the design brief criteria. This can be achieved through various means such as rapid prototyping, FEA analysis, dimensional analysis, destructive testing and other procedures that may prove relevant to the stage in the development of the product and require minimal manufacturing commitments. Once it is deemed that the concept will meet its requirements, the design is finalised, and all the relevant engineering and manufacturing details are submitted for approval before manufacturing commences.

Manufacturing and Commissioning

Our methods of manufacturing vary depending on the volume of the product, and its desired quality.  Whether its high volume with quick turn arounds, or an in-depth product development and manufacturing program, we can tailor our resources to the needs of any production.  It can range from creating the necessary files for a one off component all the way up to an extensive jigging design for the manufacturing of a complex structure. Our specialty lies in creating great economies in jobbing and low volume production learned from our extensive experience in low volume chassis production techniques. By having our own advanced fabrication workshop on site, it offers our engineers and fabricators the best opportunity to collaborate and process these low volume jobs effectively and efficiently from concept to handover.

We can provide a complete “turn key” solution or provide certain services to aid you in your own product development project.  Our current clients often come to us with a current mechanical system or part that they feel should be cheaper and meet more functional requirements but are not able to provide a solution themselves. We have helped them by providing innovative solutions that better meet their needs within budget constraints, from something as simple as a car wash product mixer through to a new race car chassis platform. We enjoy the challenge of tackling the things our clients would usually put in the ‘too hard basket’.