Due to our chassis build programmes and designs we use a lot of high strength steel sheet that is not readily available in Australia. We import a lot of this material direct from suppliers overseas to cut out the middle man which means we can offer all the exotic materials we use at competitive prices to all our customers.

We are constantly on the lookout for new high strength material products that we can incorporate into our own designs and products to ensure we are using the best possible material for the application available to us.

We keep the following sheet materials in stock:

ST-52-3 (DIN1623)

thickness (mm) sheet size (mm) note
1 1000 x 2000 Can supply larger sheets to order
1.5 1000 x 2000 Can supply larger sheets to order

Categorized as a low carbon high (less than 0.2%) strength structural steel with a yield point and UTS of roughly 380Mpa and 520Mpa. It has a good balance of toughness and ductility and has great weldability.
In our experience we have found it to have great formability for structural sheetmetal components and is used to create the folded side chassis rails in both the V8 Supercars Car Of The Future and the NZ SuperTourer chassis.


thickness (In) sheet size (ft)
0.040″ 6×3
0.050″ 6×3
0.063″ 6×3
0.080″ 6×3
0.125″ 6×3


It is specified as a low alloy steel containing molybdenum and chromium as strengthening agents with a carbon content of roughly 0.3%. This helps 4130 to achieve a high yield and UTS point of  roughly 435Mpa and 670Mpa.
We find 4130 to have great welding characteristics and is a very strong material which has allowed us to reduce sheet thicknesses used and therfore weight in many race car chassis we have designed and built.
The downside of 4130 is that it has a average formability and must be folded against the grain with special tooling to prevent cracking.