The key competencies of PACE Innovations revolve around the efficient use of computer aided design and manufacture as well as the ability to utilise local industry and suppliers for cost effective, time efficient delivery of any project. PACE Innovations facility consists of a design & engineering office, fabrication & assembly workshop and storage facilities, allowing flexible and efficient management of any scale or aspect of a project.

Engineering and Design:

  • Computer design (CAD) and manufacture (CAM)
  • Computational analysis: mechanical (FEA) and fluids (CFD)
  • Laser scanning, probing and reverse engineering
  • In-house rapid prototyping
  • Qualified mechanical engineers and designers on-staff
  • Turn-key projects
  • Design for manufacture, mass-production and jig design
  • Composite surface and mold design



  • Qualified fabrication staff
  • Alloy TIG
  • Steel TIG and MIG
  • Profile cutting, CNC folding
  • CNC machining


Notable Projects:

  • Contracted design of V8 Supercars Car of The Future platform and prototype builds
  • Contracted manufacture of majority of current field of V8 Supercar COTF chassis
  • Contracted design of NZ V8 Supertourers platform and prototype builds
  • Contracted manufacture of entire NZ V8 Supertourers field
  • In-house design of the Pace Touring Car platform
  • Manufacture of multiple international examples of the Pace Touring Car
  • Design and manufacture of civil aviation hardware with appropriate approvals and liason